When you're new to woodworking, it's important to start with some basic power tools.


Useful Tool

Loppers are a useful tool for gardeners. Unlike many other gardening tools, they have long handles that give you leverage to cut through branches of different sizes. Some designs also have telescoping handles that help you reach high branches safely.

Heavy and Durable

They also tend to be heavy and durable. They are useful for cutting through thick, tough branches. Loppers have non-slip grips and an anvil made of metal.

Carbon Steel

Loppers made from carbon steel are the toughest. They also resist staining but tend to bend when cutting into hard branches.


They are also expensive and can be difficult to sharpen if they become dull. However, carbon steel loppers can be sharpened with basic sharpening stones and carbide files.

Long Handle

The long handle also allows you to weed without bending down, which is especially convenient for those with a back.

Angled Slightly

The handle is angled slightly to leverage the weed out of the soil. The handle is also soft, allowing you to grip it easily.

Weed Puller

The long handle on the Edwards Weed Puller is designed for deep-rooted weeds, such as dandelions. This tool is durable and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Stainless Steel


Not only can you use it to remove weeds, you can also use it to dig out the roots and prevent them from sprouting back. You should wear gloves when weeding your garden to protect your skin. You should also consider the type of weed you are dealing with when selecting a Handheld Weed Puller.


Curved Metal

The curved metal part allows for clean cuts and helps the tool catch branches. Loppers with a geared mechanism are durable, ergonomic and often come with a lifetime warranty. Their blades are usually coated and have a sharp, non-stick edge that is easy to clean.


A lopper should be cleaned after every use to keep it in good condition. It should be free of dirt and sap. The blades should also be dry. You should also store it in a dry place away from the elements.

Tight Spaces

It can be used in tight spaces and is made to fit in corners.