When you're new to woodworking, it's important to start with some basic power tools.

Dandelion Digger


A Dandelion digger is a hand-held weeding implement that is used to remove weeds from your garden or lawn. It is a long tool that is traditionally known as a "Dandelion Weeder." This tool is great for lifting weeds with deep taproots, and measures around 12 inches in length.


A Cultivator can help you cultivate your garden while maintaining a proper posture. Its solid steel blade turns hard ground into aerated soil and has a wide foot plate. The handle is also ergonomically designed to help relieve muscle strains.

Best Tool

Pruners are the best tool for trimming bushes and perennials, and they're much easier to use than large loppers. Some gardeners will also invest in floral shears or flower scissors, but a hand pruner is the best all-around tool.

Variety of Styles

Pruners can be purchased in a variety of styles. The ratchet style, for example, works like an anvil and features a mechanism that boosts the cutting action. This is great for cutting larger, tougher stems and is less likely to cause strain and fatigue.


If you're left-handed, you may have trouble finding a tool that works well for you. There are special left-handed pruners available, but you may need to order them from a local garden store. Also, take into consideration the design of the blades and handles.

Pruning Tool

A good pruning tool will help you prune a variety of plants with ease. Despite the many benefits of the ratchet style, the most common style is the bypass style. This type of blade makes clean, fast cuts.

The Tip

It has a long, curved shank and a notch at the tip. This notch makes it easier to hook onto the taproot, the thick part of the dandelion root. The tool is made of durable steel with a rust-resistant epoxy coating.


Digger Garden


The wooden handle is lacquered for extra durability and longevity. Heavy clay soil will require a heavy-duty dandelion digger, while sandy soil is best suited for handheld weeding. Loamy soil will be fine with either type of dandelion digger. Other factors to consider when choosing a pruning tool include size, shape, and price. Newer pruners may come with safety mechanisms and curved handles for added comfort and safety.


Important Tool

A dandelion digger is an important tool for removing dandelions from your lawn. While the weeds themselves are not harmful, the roots are a hazard for children and pets. Ingestion of dandelion roots can lead to digestive problems, allergies, and discomfort.

Weed Puller

A Handheld Weed Puller is one of the best tools to remove weeds from your garden. These tools are easy to handle, lightweight, and offer a convenient way to pull weeds from your garden. They come in many styles and are made for specific types of weeds.

Family and Pets

With a dandelion digger, you can ensure a safer outdoor environment for your family and pets.