When you're new to woodworking, it's important to start with some basic power tools.

How to Use Garden Tools Properly

Landscaping Project

When you're working in your garden or landscaping project, a tool can come in handy. The range of garden tools includes power tools and hand tools. Some tools are more useful than others, so it's important to know how to use each one properly. Hand tools are more versatile than power tools and can help you complete many tasks in your garden. Click here to learn more about stanseverktøy metall .

Sharp Tines

A good fork is invaluable in the garden. The sharp tines make working with soil easier. A fork that has been sharpened properly is a sturdy, long-lasting tool that requires little maintenance. You can use a file or handheld grindstone to sharpen a garden fork.


The handle of a fork is also ergonomically designed to reduce wrist strain. A two-handled broad fork performs many of the same tasks as a standard garden fork. A fork with four to six long tines is an excellent option to rework broken land.

Large Quantities

Its tines are long enough to work through large quantities of soil in a short amount of time. Many gardeners underestimate the utility of a fork. A spade or a shovel can be used to dig a hole, but in many cases, a fork works better.

Garden Fork

A garden fork is a general-purpose tool that is similar to a spade. Its pointed tines make digging easier and it is excellent for tilthing the soil, a technique popularized by Alan Chadwick, the founder of biodynamic gardening.


A shovel is a tool with a wide flat blade at the end of a long handle. It is used to move material and is available in many different forms. It is one of the most common tools for gardeners, and it can be used all year long.

Main Function

A shovel's main function is to dig. It is versatile enough to dig through hard ground, and its flat blades provide excellent strength. It is also useful for breaking up shallow roots. Shovels come in different styles, and each has its own uses in the garden.


Indispensable Tool


It cuts the earth and breaks it up, making it easier to work with. It is a good idea to invest in a fork and a spade for a wide range of gardening jobs. Another type of fork is a pitchfork. A pitchfork has three tines, and is often shaped like a letter U. It is used to loosen the soil and to dig up shrubs and root crops. The shape of a shovel’s blade is also important. A sharp shovel will cut easily into the ground. A dull one will produce uneven cuts and may not be strong enough to cut deeper roots. Learn more about plaststøping norge 



Whether you’re weeding, tilling or aerating the soil in your garden, a Cultivator garden tool can help you get the job done. These hand-forged tools come with a solid wooden handle and are made from durable steel and tempered boron steel. They’re designed to work efficiently in difficult-to-reach places and offer great flexibility in working around and between plants. 

Relaxing Pastime

While gardening is a relaxing pastime, it can also be quite time-consuming. For example, breaking up tough soil and pulling weeds can be a tedious job. Using a Cultivator or Weeder can make these tasks a whole lot easier. These tools have a special blade designed to cut through tough soil, and they have a slender design that makes them easy to handle. They are also ideal for planting, digging and weeding, and are designed to be comfortable for your hands.


It is ideal for small areas, such as flower beds. Some are used for gardening, while others are primarily used for edging.